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Remember Dancing Fools?

Remeber Black Betty?

Remember, Anxiety, Stress & Dancing?


Well now you can re live it all!


17 Dance World Concerts from 1999 - 2006 avaliable to download and watch at the click of a button! I spent many painstaking days putting this together and am asking for $40 for the entier lot.



Here is a list of the available concerts.


1999 Curtain Call 

2000 Curtain Call 

2001 Sneak Preview 

2001 Junior School Concert  

2001 Curtain Call

2002 Sneak Preview 

2002 Junior School Concert  

2002 Curtain Call

2003 Sneak Preview

2003 Junior School Concert  

2003 Curtain Call

2004 Sneak Preview 

2004 Curtain Call

2005 Sneak Preview 

2005 Curtain Call

2006 Sneak Preview 

2006 Curtain Call

Dance World Concerts

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